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The benefits of cycling

Cycling is viewed as some people as a sport or a hobby and by others more as a means of transportation. And by some it’s a combination in the way that cars can be used simply as a method of getting from one place to the next, but also can be the focus of major sporting events all over the world. Regardless of whether cycling is your primary mode of transport or you’re more the weekend mountain biker type it’s difficult not to acknowledge the benefits of cycling.
First and foremost, it is an entertaining sport. Whether it’s the Tour d’France or endurance races like 24-hour-long races or exciting rides over mountains it’s impossible to deny that thousands of people across the world don’t enjoy the sport of cycling. The success of gambling and betting websites like are testament to the global popularity of the sport and the fact that people support the hobby as a manner of making money as well as simply being entertained.
Cycling also has tremendous benefits to the environment. Unlike the majority of methods of getting round found in countries all over the world, the fact that bikes are human-powered means that there are no carbon emissions (aside from that produced by the riders themselves). This has done wonder for cramped and polluted cities all over the world. In Scandinavia and in Germany one of the newest bike-related trends is the construction of ‘cycling highways’. This paths function as a highway for cars—connected cities with a direct route over great distances—in the hopes that people living on the outskirts of large cities will not be dissuaded from cycling in to work by cumbersome routes or poor infrastructure. In these places people are starting to wake up earlier in order to cycle into work by using designated cycling paths that limit danger by allowing neither pedestrians nor motor vehicles on these paths.
But perhaps he biggest and maybe even the most obvious benefit of cycling has to be the health benefits provided to the cycler him- or herself. Anyone who has even ridden a bicycle will know how much work is involved propelling the bicycle. Fortunately, what starts out as a lot of work later becomes enjoyment as opposed to the arduous labour it can be when first learning to cycle. However it’s not such a difficult activity for the majority of people and provides great pleasure to people who use their bikes as a way of getting round.
So regardless of what it is that you’re looking for, it does seem that from health benefits to being environmentally-friendly, to say nothing of how entertaining it is, cycling is the way to go. And it doesn’t seem that its popularity is even remotely under threat!