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Leicestershire cycle challenge

Challenge for Change have joined forces with the CTC, the UK’s national cyclists organisation, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and NHS Leicester City to run the Leicester Shire Cycle Challenge. The Challenge is a proven programme to get more people cycling more often and we look forward to seeing more people on bikes in and around Leicester Shire.

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Cycling in Leicester

Leicester is a great place to cycle, and now there are even more opportunities to get out and about on your bike in the area.

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Find a ride

Find out more about rides coming up in Leicester here, and see the tabs below for other cycling opportunities.

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The Summer of Cycling

The Summer of Cycling is a national campaign encouraging everyone with an interest in cycling to share the fun and introduce just one friend to cycling.

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Share your story

We'd love to hear how you got on in the Challenge. Did you ride for the first time in years or encourage someone else to? Share your story here.

Our Latest Blogs

Events and activities will be held during the Challenges.

Events and activities will be held during the Challenge to give as many people as possible the chance to try riding a bike for 10 minutes.
Local Events
Building Cycling Cultures is taking place in Leicester this weekend. It aims to celebrate […]

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Cycling Statistics Record

To date, on this site:

102 organisations have recorded trips
2,511 people have recorded trips
539 people hadn’t cycled in more than a year before cycling for the Challenge.
32,079 cycle trips recorded
312,105 miles cycled
40.5 million Kj of energy burnt (equivalent to 2,764 pounds […]

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Join the Challenges

Join the Challenge
Have you spotted more bikes around Leicestershire recently? Are you thinking about joining in the fun and getting back on yours? The Leicester Shire Cycle Challenge is back for a second year this summer – it is a […]

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Why do you cycle and new years resolutions.

“I cycle because… I keep falling off my roller skates lol” – Michelle B
“I cycle because…it helps me to keep fit and I can raise money for charity” – Kerry P
“I cycle because…I love the outdoors and the freedom to go anywhere […]

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