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Finding a new team to bet on

For the true sports fan it’s not necessarily about the teams that are playing, but rather the sport itself. Most people tend to support their local team, or the team they supported growing up or maybe even the team with the best colors. For me though it’s more about the like the sport in and of itself you may be looking for a new team to support during the upcoming season. There are a few things I always try to keep in mind before diving into a new team to support.

I like supporting a team that has reasonable chances of winning because I’m the kind of person who likes to spice things up with a nice, juicy bet., but I also like supporting the underdog It’s important to keep in mind that experience doesn’t always carry the day and I like to choose a team with plenty of fresh meat, so to speak. I always keep track of who has just come up from the college teams to the pros. It’s a good bet (literally) that if some players when good at college they’ll be good in the professional leagues, so keep an eye out for unknown talented players.

I also like a team with a bit of a tradition. I’m a sucker for history and although that’s not the only factor that contributes to who I support it does play its part. Read up on the history of various franchises and consider wearing the jersey of one of those teams with an ancient history. There are a lot of clubs or franchises with strong political associations as well. This can be something that one might one to bear in mind when they’re choosing a new team. When you’re reading about a team’s history you’re likely to uncover some tidbits about random acts of kindness or that may endear a team to you. A bit sentimental perhaps, but it’s nice supporting a team that shares your values. But, who doesn’t like supporting a winner? I always stay current with all the statistics. And not only those about the team’s or the players’ performance. Keep in mind the coaches and managers and how good (or bad) the team is about managing money. Factors like this can have a huge impact on the morale of a team and how they are perceived by others, which is something that should never be undervalued.

It might sound a little bit sentimental, but you should also find a team you are going to want to support. Maybe your favorite childhood vacation was in that town or maybe you do just really like their colors or their mascot. When you’re a true lover of sport and not just a team it doesn’t matter how silly the reason is that you support a new team.