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Cycling Trips: Tuscany

Instead of talking more specifically about bicycles or there history, I’ve decided to begin a new series on some of the best places to go cycling. In this post, I’ve chosen Tuscany, which was one of the first cycling holidays I went on many years ago. With its incredible food, ancient history and phenomenal natural beauty it’s a place that pretty much anyone can fall in love with almost instantly.
I would hazard to say that most people will have heard at least of the name of Tuscany, but not all will necessarily know much about it. Tuscany is a region in central Italy a few hours north of Rome and a few several hours south of Milan or Venice. Its capital is Florence, famous for being the home of the Renaissance in the mid-15th century and the proverbial bright spot that took Europe out of the Middle Ages.
The concept of Italy is rather a new idea considering that for only the last 150 years of Italy’s thousands of years of history the region was made up of hundreds and city-states, republics and kingdoms.
This rich and impressive history is one of the reasons that Tuscany is great for a holiday. Its nature is what makes the region great for cycling however. Tuscany is a hilly region so don’t expect it to be simple and easy riding as there are definitely quite a few places where you’ll have to go uphill.
But with at the top of nearly every hill you’ll find vineyards with world-famous Italian wines and equally famous (and rightfully so!) Italian food. In fact, the food of Italy is incredibly regional and there is so much diversity that the appellation of ‘Italian food’ is a bit ridiculous, but for the most part when people talk about Italian food they’re referring to Tuscan food.
What I can recommend from my trip is staying in small inns or B&Bs. What my friends and I did on our trip was simply to let our desire lead the way. In all the small towns and villages there is invariably a place to spend the night, so we spent the days cycling down any road we saw that looked impressive and slept whenever we got tired.
For culture vultures and proper cyclists alike, Italy’s Tuscany is one of the best places for a cycling holiday.