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Cycling Trips: Greece

In the last post we talked about the beauty of the Tuscan countryside with its gently rolling hills, ancient history, food that is absolutely to die for, and of course the amazing cycling opportunities the region that some call the pearl of Italy has to offer. There are so many great places to cycle it’s impossible to include them all in one blog post and for today we’re talking about another ancient and captivating European region: Greece.

It’s often been said of the ancient world that there’s no Greece without Rome and no Rome without Greece. Not being an historian myself, I can’t really comment too much on that, but from what I do know the two cultures very much feed off one another with many Roman ideas coming from the Greeks and Greek culture being spread through the Mediterranean world through the Roman Empire. Somehow it’s no surprise then that cycling in Greece is the perfect complement to cycling in Tuscany.

Greece is at the southern tip of the Balkan peninsula and is one of the regions in Europe that has been inhabited for longer than others. In the ancient world the term ‘Greece’ would have referred to places in modern-day Turkey as well, but for this post we’re just talking about the modern country of Greece.

Greece offers incredible beauty with rugged mountains and beautiful coastlines. Even the ancients—not particularly known for their love of nature—frequently commented on the beauty of the region. It also has a rich and varied cuisine that goes back thousands and thousands of years and is widely considered to be one of the healthiest diets, and especially complements an active hobby like cycling.

If you are lucky enough to visit Greece you’ll be able to take in its glorious nature, its amazing food and the history that goes back before even the invention of writing and has over the intervening millennia gone on to become the backbone of traditional European knowledge. As an added bonus the prices in Greece are cheaper than most other European countries making this one fo the absolute best places in Europe for a cycling holiday.