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Category Archives: Cycle Challenge

Cycling Trips: Greece

In the last post we talked about the beauty of the Tuscan countryside with its gently rolling hills, ancient history, food that is absolutely to die for, and of course the amazing cycling opportunities the region that some call the […]

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Cycling Trips: Tuscany

Instead of talking more specifically about bicycles or there history, I’ve decided to begin a new series on some of the best places to go cycling. In this post, I’ve chosen Tuscany, which was one of the first cycling holidays […]

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Cycling Kept me Sane

The title may sound like a little bit of a hyperbole, but I can assure you that cycling very much kept me sane through what was in my opinion a very turbulent childhood (though not at all a bad one). […]

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Join the Challenges

Join the Challenge
Have you spotted more bikes around Leicestershire recently? Are you thinking about joining in the fun and getting back on yours? The Leicester Shire Cycle Challenge is back for a second year this summer – it is a […]

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