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The 19th century bicycle—-and how it changed!

Whether used as transport or for hobby the bike is a major part of people’s lives these days. The bicycle was an invention that coincided with the Industrial Revolution, and met the needs of a growing number of people to […]

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Finding a new team to bet on

For the true sports fan it’s not necessarily about the teams that are playing, but rather the sport itself. Most people tend to support their local team, or the team they supported growing up or maybe even the team with […]

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Safety tips for your next cycling adventure

For me there is almost no better feeling than getting out and enjoying a nice long ride on the bike. And I’m not just talking about a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. From mountain biking in the Alps, […]

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Cycling and the Environment

When bicycles first started appearing the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. They allowed workers to get into cities quicker, or allowed them to work at a factory in the next town. Unlike horses they didn’t require to be feed […]

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Five of the best cycling tours in Europe

1.Land’s End to John O’Groats. Starting in Cornwall in the southwest of England and going to the northeastern tip of Scotland, this trip will take you all across the UK. At 1000 miles (some 2000km) and two weeks it’s an […]

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Andrew Talansky of the U.S., wearing the best young rider's white jersey, Nairo Alexander Quintana of Colombia, wearing the best climber's dotted jersey, Christopher Froome of Britain, wearing the overall leader's yellow jersey, and Peter Sagan of Slovakia, wearing the best sprinter's green jersey, pose prior to the start of the 21st and last stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France cycling race over 133.5 kilometers (83.4 miles) with start in Versailles and finish in Paris, France, Sunday July 21 2013. (AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)

The benefits of cycling

Cycling is viewed as some people as a sport or a hobby and by others more as a means of transportation. And by some it’s a combination in the way that cars can be used simply as a method of […]

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Why Cycle?

The Leicester Shire Cycle Challenge is taking place to encourage people to get on their bikes, have some fun and experience the benefits cycling can offer.

During rush hour, cycling can be up to twice as fast as going by car.
Regular […]

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Events and activities will be held during the Challenges.

Events and activities will be held during the Challenge to give as many people as possible the chance to try riding a bike for 10 minutes.
Local Events
Building Cycling Cultures is taking place in Leicester this weekend. It aims to celebrate […]

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Cycling Statistics Record

To date, on this site:

102 organisations have recorded trips
2,511 people have recorded trips
539 people hadn’t cycled in more than a year before cycling for the Challenge.
32,079 cycle trips recorded
312,105 miles cycled
40.5 million Kj of energy burnt (equivalent to 2,764 pounds […]

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Join the Challenges

Join the Challenge
Have you spotted more bikes around Leicestershire recently? Are you thinking about joining in the fun and getting back on yours? The Leicester Shire Cycle Challenge is back for a second year this summer – it is a […]

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